SPINE CENTER – Spine Surgery, is a national reference unit in the study and treatment of the various spine pathologies, with the collaboration of high-end technology, always with the patient as a priority.

SPINE CENTER – Spine Surgery is currently inserted in URGICENTRO GROUP.
Created in 1988, URGICENTRO – SERVIÇOS MÉDICOS, LDA is one of the oldest Private Health Units in the city of Coimbra, having emerged with the purpose of providing medical care in a clinic and at home.

In the following year, started the development of the MEDICINE OF LABOUR area, having quickly risen to the top in the district of Coimbra.
In the years that followed, extended its clinical offers to speciality appointments and began carrying out complementary diagnostic test.
Currently, GRUPO URGICENTRO involves several clinical units of excellence, some of which are national references, highlighting:

-SPINE CENTER – Spine Surgery
-INDOLOR – Pain Medicine Unit
-NEUROMIND – Neuroscience Institute
-ORTHOCENTER – Orthopedics and Traumatology

Also developed two clinical areas where already has extensive experience:
-URGICENTRO SAÚDE FAMILIAR – Clinical Unit dedicated to general and family medicine
-URGICENTRO MEDICINA DO TRABALHO – Unit dedicated to occupational medicine  

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