SPINE CENTER – Spine Surgery, is a national and international reference in minimally invasive spine surgery. Most surgical procedures are performed through tiny punctures or small incisions, allowing an easier and less painful postoperative recovery, giving the possibility to a faster return to personal and professional activities. It uses high-end technology and more advanced and differentiated surgical procedures, having been the first clinical centre in Portugal to perform navigation surgeries with 3D image control.

O-arm is an advanced system that allows obtaining 3D images in real time without the patient having to leave the operating room. This is a system that provides complete multidimensional intraoperative images, such as 3D images in real time and in multiple planes, 2D images and fluoroscopic images, all in about 30 seconds. With the help of O-arm surgeons are able to view the patient’s anatomy, monitor the status of the surgery and check the patient’s anatomical changes. Combining the images of the O-arm with world´s most advanced technology in body navigation, interventions are made with the highest levels of safety and in shorter operating time, with the recovery times of patients being faster.

Herniated disc microsurgery
Herniated disc video surgery
Percutaneous herniated disc surgery  

Arthrodesis of the cervical spine
Arthrodesis of the lumbar spine
Minimally invasive lumbar arthrodesis 

Cervical disc prothesis
Lumbar disc prosthesis  

Surgical treatment of scoliosis
Surgical treatment of kyphosis
Percutaneous treatment of fractures
Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty 

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