In January 2015, SPINE CENTER was the first spine surgery unit in Portugal certified by ISO 9001 and UKAS. These certifications ensure that the company complies with its clinical practice in a systematic, rigorous and efficient way, with the customer satisfaction as its main priority.


Permanently achieve a level of total and efficient response to the requirements and expectations of customers, obtaining their full satisfaction;

Motivate all employees to coordinate efforts on the path to success and continuous improvement of the Quality System, as added value for the company and as personal fulfilment of each one, promoting a good work environment;

Promote active cooperation with suppliers, subcontracted doctors and institutional partners, who must be selected according to our Quality Criteria, in order to obtain joint added value;

Optimize costs (avoiding waste), make resources rentable (through the continuous systematization of processes), guaranteeing the Company’s economic-financial balance and its sustainable development;

Comply with the legislation. Applicable regulations and other subscribed requirements, thus assuming social responsibilities and acting responsibly;

Share knowledge and good practices in the treatment of spine pathology;

Email: quality@spinecenter.pt 

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