SPINE CENTER has its headquarters in Coimbra, being equipped with the most advanced medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of Spine Pathology.


We have six appointment offices, two nursing rooms, a treatment room and a large secretarial for receiving and welcoming users. 


Our Operating Space consists of two Operating Rooms, equipped with the latest intraoperative technology, including:
Neuronavigation with 3D imaging system (O-arm), Fluoroscopy, Microscope, Blood recovery system for autotransfusion (Cell-saver) and Bipolar system for hemorrhage control (Aquamantys).
We also have a recovery room for surveillance and monitoring patients during the post-operative period.


Each of our rooms is equipped with air conditioning and a TV system with access to cable channels.
You can also use the phones placed in each room, in order to communicate with your family or remain contactable. At your bedside table, you will find a device that allows immediate contact with the support nurse.
Daily, you will have at your disposal a menu provided by one of our assistants, in order to choose the most convenient type of food for your personal taste.

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