We can never say that in a hospital unit the risk of any infection is zero, but the changes made far exceed the recommendations of national and international health authorities and aim to create an environment of trust between patients and health professionals, maintaining SPINE CENTER as a unit of reference in the Prevention of Hospital Infection.
We adapted the physical structure and procedures of the face-to-face consultation in order to greatly increase safety conditions. There were many changes of which we highlight: in appointments and in internment and surgery.  

-spacing of intervals between appointments;
-companions will not be allowed to enter the appointment (except minors, dependent patients, or those with cognitive difficulties). Companions may be called to the medical appointment if justified;
-creation of a waiting room exclusive for patients, with a very limited number of seats, in order to minimize the number of patients in the waiting room;
-placement of alcoholic solution dispensers throughout the appointment area;
-mandatory use of protective masks by patients and by all health professionals. (patients who do not have one will be provided with one at the entrance);
-creation of check-points at the entrance with body temperature assessment for all patients (without contact) and a COVID disease screening questionnaire;
-mandatory cleaning of chairs and tables for observation of patients in the offices between each appointment
-mandatory hygiene of the hands of the health professionals between each patient;
-placement of protective acrylics in the area of the clinical secretariat in order to reduce contact between staff and patients
-exclusive payment with debit card, Contact Less and MBWAY payment methods.  

-mandatory COVID-19 test for all patients admitted before surgery;
-decrease of the number of surgeries per surgical period and the number of patients hospitalized weekly;
-mandatory use of masks and other personal protective equipment for nurses and assistants;
-nursing teams and dedicated assistants, specific to the Spine Unit, on an exclusive basis in this sector;
-no permission for visits during hospital stay. Limited one daily visit of the reference person for a very short period and under supervision;
-the operating rooms did not suffer any significant change, because they already had all the mechanisms of maximum safety for the prevention of infection, be it hospital or community ( laminar air flow, high air regeneration with individualized circuits per room, methods of disinfecting the environment and surfaces, etc.) 

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