SPINE CENTER appeared in response to the need for a spine surgery center in the SANFIL Medicina group, and is distinguished by the quality of its equipment and the professional experience of its respected team.

At SPINE CENTER, we follow an innovative and unprecedented concept, aiming to assimilate everything that is most modern into the diagnosis and medical-surgical treatment of the spinal column, with special attention to minimally-invasive surgery techniques.

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Great team of doctors led by Dr. Louis Teixeira. Well done, congratulations!”
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I’ve already been treated at this center, which I recommend, really well treated by Dr. Luis Teixeira, who I also strongly recommend. An excellent orthopedist.
I don’t want 2013 to end without leaving here clearly expressed all of my gratitude to Dr. Luís Teixeira. The competence, professionality, humanity and kindness with which I have been treated will NEVER be forgotten. I will keep a place in my motherly heart for you, ALWAYS.
Luisa Maria Pereira